2014-2015 Chevy Valance Bumper

This truck has been built in 3 different phases.

Start at the bottom and scroll up to see the phases in order.


Phase 3

This time around:

Dirt King bed cage

Dirt King shackle/hanger kit

King 3.0 x 16 shocks

Deaver U182 leaf springs

454 Motorsports Bravo tire cage relocated to rear of bed


Phase 2

This time around:

Dirt King Fabrication Long Travel Kit

Dirt King Fabrication Inner fenders

Dirt King Fabrication rear plate bumper

King Coil Overs

Fiberwerx +3″ glass front and rear

454 Motorsports Bravo Removable Tire Cage

37 x 12.50 x 17 Toyo MT Tires


Phase 1

Valance front bumper

Here is one of our valance style bumpers. For this truck we built a complete prerunner bumper, but set back enough to allow for the valance. Then we built mounts to secure the valance. These valances are typically made from 3/16 ABS plastic, but in this case, we used 20 gauge sheetmetal. Fished off with Line X and billet hardware.