Caged, 6.0, std cab



Kibbetech Long Travel Kit

Kibbetech engine cage and shock hoops all tig welded 

2.5 x 12 King coil overs up front 

3.0 x 12 King Race series 3 tube bypasses

King bumps

Kartek limit straps

Powerstop calipers, rotors, pads

Custom steering rack brace

Mazzulla hubs



Deaver C85s 

Dirt King shackles and hangers

King Kong 4.0 race series 7 tube bypasses rear shocks

14 bolt rear end with 4.56s

Rear Disc brakes

Kartek limit straps



Lq4 6.0

243 heads 

Texas speed cam 

Dual valve springs 

Trunion upgrade

Flex fuel injectors from Silverado 2010 

Tsp pushrods 

Speed engineering long tubes/y pipe

High flow oil pump

Cold Air Intake

2500HD heavy duty radiator, dual fans

160 degree Thermostat

Auxiliary steering cooler



Hughes 4L80E 

Hughes torque converter

Fixed yoke 

Custom drive line with 1350 u-joints

2 CBR trans coolers



Custom fabricated aluminum center console

Rugged Radios RM-60 VHF radio, PTT and 2 person Intercom

Switch Pros SP9100 switch system

Sidewinder shifter

Baker Fabrication cab cage and back half, all 1.75” dom

PRP/Kibbetech collaboration seats with gray and black suede  

PRP 5.3 Black harnesses

Momo steering wheel with Sweet Manufacturing quick disconnect

Battery switch



Six Baja Designs XL80’s

Rear chase light from Ruff Stuff 

Kartek oil holders on both sides, 

Harbor Freight jack with skid plate 

Advanced Fiberglass front and rear fenders


Six 39″ BFG Projects

Eight 17 x 9 Ultra X103 beadlock wheels

Two 37×13.50×17 Dakar paddle tires with Skat Trak Digger paddles


Gold delete kit

400hp at the rear wheels 

Truck weighs 4900 pounds

2500 front

2400 rear

95.5″ front track width

We did not originally build this truck. However, we have redone quite a bit.

We have strengthened and reinforced where needed. We have added front bypasses, rear c-notch and larger bypasses along with air bumps, among much more.