Gen 2/ Gen 3 Bolt In Raptor Cages

Introducing Our Bolt In Gen 2 and Gen 3 Raptor Bravo Cage!

This tire cage is nearly identical to our popular Bravo and Bravo 2 cages in that it has the ability to hold 2 full size spares, a floor jack, Gas cans, recovery gear, or any other accessories you can think of.

The main difference between the Bolt In cage and our removable cages in this variation mounts to the bed using the factory bed bolts which means NO DRILLING! Simply remove the 4 bed bolts towards the front of the truck, put the cage in place, and run your 4 bolts back down in the bed.

Cages come standard with plates to mount your jack skid/mount. They are pre-drilled for Pro Eagle’s popular line of jacks, but you can easily drill holes for your own jack skid/mount.

Designed for 35-37″ Tires**

New Bed Bolts are included with the cage.

$1100 powder coated

$900 raw


DO NOT USE IMPACT TOOLS TO REMOVE OR INSTALL BED BOLTS! The clips that hold the nut on the bottom of the bed are fragile, using an impact makes them more likely to break.

Factory Bed Bolts get removed with a Torx 50+ Socket

Although we have not had an incident, we recommend to ship the cages in raw as to avoid scratches during transportation.


Jacks are not included. However we are a Pro Eagle dealer.
Straps are available in black or red – $88 pair
Installation is available in phoenix – $150
With some older versions of the Pro Eagle jacks, you may have to remove the side handles.
To place an order, EMAIL US.
For Shipping Quotes, please include shipping zip and if address is residential or commercial. We will email you back an estimate.
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**37×13.50 Toyo MT must run the Alpha cage