Charlie Cage


The Charlie Cage is narrower than the Bravo Cage. At just over 32″ wide, its the perfect cage for smaller trucks. It is also a great fit if the truck has a bed cage, and you want the tire cage to fit in between the bed cage and shocks.

This cage carries the jack vertically in front of the tires.

Cages now come standard with plates to mount your jack skid/mount. They are pre-drilled for Pro Eagle’s popular line of jacks, but you can easily drill holes for your own jack skid/mount. Mounting plates and all necessary grade 8 hardware is included.

Designed for 35-37″ tires.*

Mounting plates and all necessary grade 8 hardware is included.

$1100 powder coated

$900 raw

Although we have not had an incident, we recommend to ship the cages in raw as to avoid scratches during transportation.
All raw cages comes with powder coated bed mounting plates, Unless otherwise requested.
Jacks are not included. However we are a Pro Eagle dealer.
Straps are available in black or red – $88 pair
Installation is available in phoenix – $250
How it works:
When the tie downs are cinched, it forces the tires down, which slightly lifts the cage up. This causes everything to bind and tighten up. No rattling and no vibrations. The pins go through the plates, the bed and even through a larger plate under the bed. You must run both tires and both straps tight to secure cage.
To place an order, EMAIL US.
Include your truck’s year, make and model. Shipping quotes, include your zip code. We will email you back an estimate.


*Tools are required for initial installation of mounting brackets. After that, no tools are required to remove or install the cage itself.

Tire Cage Installation instructions

Instructions for OG plate installation

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*Does not fit 37×13.50 Toyo MT